Going to be starting this level soon

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Going to be starting this level soon on diploma route. The thing is I don't know whether to stay with Kaplan or go with someone else. Any suggestions


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    I was wondering the same but I haveto do distance learning cos of where I live and Kaplan arethe only ones with a centre near me for sitting exams etc.
  • Primble
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    I'm distance learning too
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    Let me know what you decide to do, I am interested in study buddies, especially for unit 10. Starting Units 8 & 9 just now.
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    I used Premier last year and BPP this year - I have not heard a thing from BPP since they sent my study materials in April (except for contact from Emma re unit 10) - I chose them like the previous post becuase I could sit them in Reading - The only BPP reccomendation I have is for Emma who helps you with the Unit 10 project - She was amazing - One thing I have learned is that if you are distance learning you have to be very motivated and self sufficient. I have one exam, DFS, to go in June next year if I pass Pev & Pcr in Feb - And I am very proud of myself because its all self taught. No thanks to BPP thats for sure - They don't even send out letters when you pass exams etc!
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    Kaplan are the same, except I have asked for advise about Unit 10 as all I know about it is what I have read on the forum and got absolutely zilch of feedback. I have not even been able to find out if I can use the case study! or even where to find the case study, nothing!

    Fortunately up to now I have managed to get by with the books and the forum.

    Takes up to 2 months to find out if I passed skills tests.
  • Dorset Student
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    I have just finished Diploma (hopefully - depending on results in February!). I did it home study with Premier Training, and had great support for Unit 10. Also had good support for the four exams. I had studied Advanced Certificate with BPP, by going on courses, but never again would I use BPP.

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    I've studied distance learning with Kaplan from the beginning, no problems and past all exams 1st time (fingers crossed, got one result left to receive).

    Recently asked for advice from tutor though for the unit 10 project as just can't start it and the response was read the book so useful!!
  • Pigpen
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    You see - Do you think AAT take any notice of these forums - They should maybe look into how rubbish their distance learning suppliers are - Well some of them - I have to admit that Premier were ok for my first year but they had the highest turnover of tutors you could imagine.

    I too have passed all my exams first time, so far that is - I think if you pass the whole course having done distance learning you should get an special medal :laugh:
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    Snap to Kaplan and Unit 10 answer!
  • lou123
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    I stared Intermediate level with BPP home study and they were completely useless and unhelpful. I received absolutely no support despite countless e-mails and phone calls for guidance. :thumbdown:

    I now study Technician level via an adult education college and the difference is amazing, although I think the discipline of home studying gave me a head start.

    One good thing I have to say about BPP - they had a tutor at a one day revision course I attended in Croydon and she was brilliant; if only all tutors were so good!
  • Londina
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    I'm doing Diploma route with Kaplan by distance learning.
    I was doing Intermediate Nvq level with Kaplan too, whilst Foundation I did with BPP and it was absolutely no support from tutors.
  • mark130273
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    in college , find it a lot easier studying with a class than by myself ?
  • mark057
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    I'm thinking of using BPP to study long distance for my ACCA qualification.

    Are they really that bad? Surely they must support you in other ways than providing the learning materials?

    Any comments?
  • Jon_1984
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    Although I havent experienced distance learning myself I have seen many of these conversations on the forum/had a few discussions elsewhere over the last three years. The general concensus seems to be that the home study centres are only as good as the local staff for your subject. I would therefore suggest getting alone to your local centres when they have their respective open days and talking to the tutors involved in your subject to get some early impressions.
  • speegs
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    This is weird. I used BPP London and found they were great.
  • jackieshep
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    I am stuying the Diploma route and used Kaplan distance learning for the certificate and advanced certificate and am now with BPP with classroom studying at Cambridge.
    I have found both equally as good.
    I decided to change to classroom learning as I thought the last units would be more difficult to do by distance learning. My only disappointment with the classroom learning is the day release courses are not spread out, they are bunched together in units with larger gaps which haven't helped with other work load.
    The other thing worth mentioning is if you don't find a particular lecturer inspires you, they do change depending on the unit taken at BPP, whereas I assume it would be the same lecturer for the whole year at a "normal" college.

    Hope this helps
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