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mary b
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Hi I have done the ECR exam and got the first quuestion the stockcard wrong everything else is right apart from relvant and irelevant costs. can anyone tell me if thats a pass or fail Im so worried. I depend on it.


  • alicemaylara
    alicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    how do you no you got everything else right but yes you will have passed
  • mary b
    mary b Just Joined Registered Posts: 2

    thanks for letting me know I think Ive got nearly everything else right my answers are similar to another girl on this forum apart from relevant irrellant answers been a nightmare that exam like lambs to the slaughter x
  • alicemaylara
    alicemaylara Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 259
    Don't worry about it too much. I got quite alot of wrong answers but I can't do anything about it now!

    The pass rate Is based on how well everyone does and I get the impression that many people found it very difficult. You should have seen the posts the day after! Everyone was stressing which made me feel better cos it wasn't just me who found it tricky!

    Can always take it in June so it's not the end of the world!:huh:

    Merry christmas:laugh:
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