How many Silly mistakes will fail a section

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I am worrying as I know I have made two silly mistakes is section 1 of the PTC exam.... I didn't time apportion the car benefit and then on the personal pension I x12 and added to band but didn't gross it up for tax.... ugh I am so cross with myself I know to do both of this..... so stupid I could kick myself... really worrying now... its my last unit

I'm pretty confident on the rest of the paper (using own figures)
Do you think I'll get away with it?? I'd be so ashamed and cross to fail on this.... read the B***** question twice properly it has always been my downfall!!!!



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    please dont log off

    i have questions!

    bear with me -
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    I am in the same sorta boat as you. I made the odd mistake in each section of the BTC exam. No one can get 100% correct you are aiming around 70 - 75% correct. Unfortunately every1 makes mistakes in exams thats just the way it goes. The only thing i can say to you is dont worry and enjoy your christmas and am sure everything will be fine come results day.

    Take care


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    I just wish it wasn't so long to wait..... I know that after a while you forget about the exams but just at the moment I'm still really cross.... Thanks for your kind words..... Merry Xmas XX
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    firstly i dont remember the pension being personal i thought its ws occupational so i didnt gross it or increase the band!

    im pretty certain im right on that - however a lot of people say there was a PPP? im gobsmacked

    i have all answers and some meet some peoples but the tax to pay is more on my figures...

    although with the papers being available tommorrow - perhaos they will be on at midnight?

    i know that i did section one correct apart from the above issue if it is one.
    section two - i took the persons employment income figure of 22000 was it? and didnt deduct personal allowance, but i didnt read it as personal allowance not dedcuted - so there is why my cgt liability left to pay was much differenet to others as they all deducted the pa.

    do you think these two mistajes would fail me??:001_smile:
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    Yes it was an occupational pension but also a Β£200 month personal pension contribution.... The more I read on here it seems alot of people made various small mistakes.... they can't fail us all surely..... Good Luck..... I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I'm gonna be so scared to open the email come february... :001_unsure:
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    well if i missed t out altogether - maybe i will get some marks on the basis of poor eye sight?? lol
    lets hope so thank you
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    Guys I think you will all be fine. As you said it is very rare you will get perfect papers, these guys expect a couple of mistakes. At the end of the day all you need to show is competance. The errors you are mentioning are minor, as long as your workings are clear, and you have followed the proper layout, you will pick up most of the marks. I am sure you will be both be fine!
  • Tiger
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    Thank you money motivated..... I trully hope you are right!!!:001_smile:
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