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I know I messed up the stock card question and I waffled my way through the EOQ you think I can still pass? Even though I put AVCO on the stock card, I know I did the calculations right if it would have been AVCO. As for EOQ, I know for a fact that I had specifically asked my tutor about the EOQ as I had missed that class due to illness. She said that I should not worry and that they would not test us on that. Then I find we are tested on it? I am gonna stress now until February. I even passed my mock exam so am more worried now about the actual exam than ever.:001_unsure:


  • Pinchy
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    I think what tutors meant is that we would not have to calculate the EOQ (and that is what the paper said as well), but we should still have an understanding of what it stands for as the basic principle is quite simple and relevant to evaluating stock.
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