Advice needed for getting a job!

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Hi I have nearly finished aat now. Just waiting on my results in February.

Am really trying to get a job. I am 20 years old and desperately trying to get a job to gain sum experience. I am with 2 accountancy agencies at the moment reed and rkaccountancy. I havent been with these agencies long i think i have been with them 3 months. Businesses have gotten bk to me and they all say i have lacked experience.
I am 20 years old and how am i suppose get experience if businesses are wanting experience:confused1: its soooo frustrating:laugh: sometimes i feel as though am wasting my time but am not a quitter and al keep ploddin on:cool2::thumbup:
Has anyone had same problem as me? If so how did you overcome it? Is there anything else i should be doing in order to help myself get a job?
Huge appreciation to anybody who can help or share there experiences




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    I started the AAT 3 years ago studying part time at college (2 hrs per wk) and doing the rest of the studying from home. My daughter was 6 weeks old when I started and I only returned to work April this year.

    After that long break with no accounting/financial work experience I thought that I would never get a job! I joined loads of job / accounting agencies but as you said they only offer positions to poeple with previous experience.

    I used to check the local council website for jobs and one day a position for an internal auditor came up. I never thought I had a chance but it didn't hurt to try so I applied online and ended up getting the job.

    Don't give up, something will come along eventually!! :thumbup:
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    well i was in the same boat as you last year and i was with 6 agencies......they were s*it?shee dont tell them thou ????

    all you have to do i apply apply apply apply....and keep going ....

    i was told if you can do volintery for noubt?or work for the least money possible.....but its the old agaage of....

    no you meant to get it if they dont give you a chance...

    but good luck for 2009 !!!
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    Don't give up!

    I was in the same boat. My chance came through part time work on a temp contract. I then moved into a full-time purchase ledger role a month later.

    Unfortunately for me the full-time job did not work out and I got shoved out of the company but persevere.

    Little word of advice though. Look on the jobcentre site, total jobs and post yr cv on Monster (make it public). The nhs are not bad employers too ( and apply to companies direct whenever possible.

    Recruitment agencies can be helpful but I certainly would not rely on them. They will lie through their teeth sometimes and some don't have a clue about accountancy even though they are dealing with accounts jobs.

    For anyone trying to get their first experiences of accounts work, go down the temp route, or even consider looking for admin work because accounts can be mixed into the role.

    The job role might say Administrator but their could be accounts mixed in.

    To be honest it's a scandal the way we are encouraged to do courses and get no support in finding a job. The AAT has to address this issue.
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    I got my initial break with the NHS just a year ago in the Accounts Payable section, i have just had my second promotion and i start in January as Assistant Treasury Accountant.
    Before that i had just done shop work, so there is always hope. :lol:
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    Whatever you do finish the AAT first. That is an imperative goal that you must achieve, and I for that matter in 6 months. When your AAT qualified you will stand a better chance in the competition for Assistant Accountant jobs. There's no reason why you should be denied the opportunity if you pass and become AAT qualified.
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