any tips

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has any one any tips for FRA. went to the library at lunch today
printed all the exam papers off, what would you do differently if you
were just starting fra again?


  • mikes
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    When it comes to learning the extended trial balance, P&L a/c and Balance sheet, i would suggest taking each step in turn until you are comfortable with it. Ie, do the basic adjustments first, then produce the accounts, then move on to each of the other new elements in turn and do accounts for them, such as depreciation, accuruals and prepayments etc. By the time it comes to the end you should be used to producing the accounts and knowing where each item goes.

    All the best.
  • KellyG
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    When I sat FRA in June to help with the format of the balance sheet and P&L I literally (for weeks beforehand) everyday wrote one of each out on a peice of paper! sounds laborious but believe me, it worked a treat!
    Good luck!
  • dobbieobby
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    I second what KellyG said as I did this too!
    It's still stuck in my memory now, so it works!
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