unit 10 - the layout

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im doing my project for Unit 10 and have researched on what need to be in the report and in what order, but the only thing i'm unsure of is when identifying weaknessess and ways i can inmprove the system should i make my recommendations after each weakness or should i put them in another part called recommendations.

the same goes for the cost/benefit analysis should it be with the the improvement i have suggested or in a separate part.




  • speegs
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    I put my recommendations in a section called recommendations. As for the cost/benefit analysis I would put this in your appendices but refer to it when you talk about your improvements.

    Hope this helps.

  • rachel_1982
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    i too had a section of recommendations too, and also a seperate cost benefit analysis section. where i identified weakenesses, most of this was in the form of SWOT analyses which were put in the appendices but referred to throughout the analysis section, then again to suggest improvements in the recommendations section. hope that helps too :-)
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