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Is it only me or are clients really slow this year in getting books in. I have a significant number outstanding and I am really worried.

I have written to them all, several times, requesting books in and stating that there is a real risk of me not being able to get the work done to meet the 31st deadling, but nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this?



  • Dean
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    Hi Poodle

    I can sympathise with what you are saying! We haven’t had this problem (so much!) this year because we wrote early in the year saying we required their records by X and if they’re not here we would first not guarantee we would meet the filing deadline and we would charge them half of a late filing penalty if we managed to get them in on time. Naturally that provoked a reaction (bloody accountants fees etc. etc.) and we have had the majority in on time. So this year we may have a Christmas like everyone else!!

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about in so far as meeting your obligations as agent; certainly no claim could be made against you. However, you do have the ‘goodwill’ factor to think about. Hey, it could even be a good time to weed out those slow paying etc etc type clients’.


  • deanshepherd
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    I care a little less every year. In fact, I am quite lackadaisical about it now.

    Once they have had their second reminder then it's all down to them.

    I find most clients are quite apologetic knowing full well that they should have got it sorted earlier.

    Only 48 returns to go and at least mine was done on time this year!
  • claudialowe
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    Me too!

    I have got more outstanding than in previous years :thumbdown::thumbdown: not twiddling my thumbs, but possibly not working as hard as normal during December.

    I suppose that the only upside of this is, because my year end is 31 December, there will be less invoiced during December and more in January :thumbup::thumbup:

    Mine have all been warned 3 times now - along the lines of, first come first served, and I charge extra for sleepless nights in January - and I do :lol:

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