Dec 2008 ECR Sandy's answer

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If you attempted the ECR exam on Dec 1st, you may wish to see the answers I have produced.
If you email me usiong this as the subject line:
Dec 2008 ECR Sandy's answer
my out of office assistant will appear first and then (only if your subject line is exactly as I've written) you will receive a second email with the answers as a word document attachment.
I've had some help from proof readers, but if having read my answers you spot something that is wrong, by all means reply (but use a slightly different subject line to avoid being archived).

Clearly these answers take time to produce and perhaps need a little modification after, but I think they give some reassurance and peace of mind.

If you do find them useful, please consider making a donation to
These young people would welcome your generosity to help them raise not only funds for The Neurosurgical Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital , but also an awareness of their own particular conditions. They want to educate people about their different disabilities; there are trillions of cerebral connections in the brain.
Further information about the organisation is available at

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