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how much do people charge their clients for bookkeeping and payroll?

teakay25teakay25 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 43
Hi there,

I am a new MIP and was wondering how much do people charge their clients for basic bookkeeping per hour and payroll (monthly and weekly) and would VAT return be included within bookkeeping or is this charged separately?

Any info would be great as its abit scary just starting out! :thumbup1:


  • lorrainelorraine Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 400
    Hi Teakay,

    I was just interested to know will you be becoming VAT registered and charging vat on top of any prices, as I am wondering whether to or not?

  • JJ43JJ43 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 50
    Hi Teakay,

    It all depends on where you live, charges can range from as little as £8 up to £25 per hour for basic bookkeeping up to trial balance !

    VAT reports can be from £50 per quarter - it depends on the amount of work involved.

    I will always check out a clients books, or in most cases, lack of them (usually a bag of receipts !) and determine how much work is involved to firstly, get the books in order and then secondly, maintain them on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

    I dont know about payroll, this is something I do not offer yet.

    Hope this helps.
  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    I am in North West London

    I charge £15 per hour for bookkeeping.

    Per self assessment tax returns my charges range from £90 - £150 depending on what is involved. However, if it is particularly fidly it is nearer to £200.

    I class basic self assessment tax returns as follows:

    Non-savings and savings income only - £90-£110.

    Non-savings and dividend income only - £90-£110.

    Non-savings, savings and dividend income - £110-£130.

    Non-savings and savings income and capital gains tax - £130-£150.

    Non-savings and dividend income and capital gains tax - £130-£150.

    Non-savings, savings and dividend income and capital gains tax - £150-£200.

    Please bear in mind however, that I only do a small amount of freelance work as I have a full time job in management accounts. Therefore my pricing structure does not factor in the fact that I need to making a living. Obviously, my charges may be higher is I was running my own practice full time.

    If would be interesting to see how my fees compare to those of others. I have no idea whether I am charging too much or too little. All I know is my clients are happy when I give them their bills.

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