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Hello does anyone do a bit of general bookeeping who could tell me what kind of things they do? Do you do it manually or on sage? Also as a bookeeper would you have do things like depreciation calculations and tax returns or could you simply just put the info you are provided with into ledges and a neat format for your client's accountant to deal with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi lrg

    I think you are in the initial period of book keeping. It is not a matter that you are doing manually or on SAGE, as long as you are doing up to TB is fine and this is what book keepers normally do. If you are an enthusiastic person you can do P&L and BS. As a book keeper, you will be able to do the depreciation calculation and so on. Simply say, you will have to do most of the calculation before doing tax.
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    I do both manual and computerised bookkeeping, generally clients want accounts up to trial balance and prepare vat returns. Some want the full year end preparation of accounts which is then passed onto their accountants to finalise.

    Some accountants will let you do the depreciation calculations, others will journal in at the end of the clients year.
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