Passed my Unit 7 skills test!

Went into college today to get my results for Unit 7 skills test. Just a couple of errors to fix (I'm sure it said to one decimal place last week... :glare:), and that's one down, two to go. Next one, unit 5 skills test in March, I think.

#1 Stepdaughter, who's studying at the same college as me, passed straight off. Smug cow... :laugh:


  • lv9783
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    im just about to start unit 7 what does it involve

    i failed my ecr too grrr
  • Shadow
    Shadow Registered Posts: 24 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Congratulations!!! Thats great news! Was it FRA?

    Iv just messed up on my unit 6, i'll be resiting dat soon . Im not 2 fussed abt it. Its only wen i think its already taken me 4 hrs of my life 2 complete it and i hav 2 do it all over again wich annoys me. x
  • marknotgeorge
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    No, it was PRR, I think. I'm no good with these TLAs.

    It involves the VAT return, as well as presenting financial information using graphs, tables and index ratios. You'll need a maths set and some coloured pencils for the graphs!

    We start unit 6 in January.
  • miskysbabe
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    Graphs and Forecasting

    Does anyone know where I can get good material to study "how to do graphs and forecasting" etc? I missed this at school, many moons ago, and this is one area I am a little concerned about.

  • Esme
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    What sort of maths set do u need for the unit 7 skills test? Did ur tutor tell u that u needed it?
  • marknotgeorge
    marknotgeorge Registered Posts: 158 ? ? ?
    A cheapy one from Asda will do, and a few coloured pencils. There's no need to buy expensive kit for this lark - my 68p Tesco value calculator that I bought for Foundation's still going strong!

    EDIT: Thinking about it, my skills test just had a bar chart, so you might just need a ruler and the coloured pencils (Asda do a pack of 12 Crayola ones for a couple of quid). But we did study pie charts, for which you do need a compass and protractor.
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