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Finding out if a company has gone into administration?

LouiseRLouiseR Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 59
Is there a way to find out if a company has gone into administration?

I think the company I work for went into administration yesterday! :mad2:




  • PAMDILLPAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 716
    I worked for a company that went into administration, fortunately the boss let me know it was happening.

    The day after it happened the administrators came out to the site and all the workers had to come in and were told by the administrators they were paid off and given P45s.

    Might be different if in England and a larger company where they are trying to find a buyer.
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    Have a look on the Companies House website but it depends on how quickly administration is reported
  • LouiseRLouiseR Feels At Home Registered Posts: 59
    Thanks but don't worry! We are being made redundant this afternoon!!! Happy F****** Christmas!!! :crying::crying:

    At least this will kick start me into finding new clients!
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