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I am doing my mock simulation for unit 31 and I don`t know what I am doing wrong but everytime I save my work to a disc I am unable to open it on a different computer. What am I doing wrong ? I feel so stupid and frustrated. I do not want to send the disc and script away for marking - what if the markers receive a blank disc ? I am working on Simly books because I was told the simulation would be on this. Please help !!!!
Thanks :confused1::confused1:


  • Ponder
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    hmm have you tried:
    1. 1- another disk
    2. 2- what file type are you saving it as?
    3. 2b-when you save or save as what file types come up? Try another type and see if it opens easier

    Hope any of the above helps if not come back and say what you have tried for further info.
  • mark130273
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    the format is most probibly way is to us a online file save !!!!!
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