MIP looking for bookkeeping and VAT in Bristol

lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Hi All

I have just recently set up to work self employed, i also have PII. I want to do bookkeeping and VAT I am fully qualfied AAT and have worked in an all round accounts role for the past 3 years FULL time and have experience in the services I wish to offer.

If you feel that I could help you out in anyway with bookkeeping and VAT that would be greatly appreciated.


  • mark057
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    I was wondering if you could offer some advice?

    I'm seriously thinking of setting up a bookkeeping business, maybe also providing some very basic tax services like self-assessment.

    I'm nearly AAT qualified yet i'm not going to be able to become a MAAT due to a lack of work experience.

    How hard is it to set up on your own and get clients?


  • lorraine
    lorraine Registered Posts: 404 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hi Mark, I have only just recently set up just before Christmas, I do not have any clients as of yet, i'm hoping this will change soon.

    I will be purchasing some post cards and deliver them to local businesses within the next week or so.

    I feel that I can't really give advice on easy it is to get clients as I haven't quite got there yet. I'm hoping soon I will be able to give advice on this. But then it is very early days!.

    All I feel I can say is it would have to be something you really want and thought about and also that you feel capable of doing the services that you would offer.

    Good Luck in what you decide to do!
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