osbourne Audit, PEV & PCR Tutor Packs

PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
Anyone got spare tutors packs for Units 8,9 & Audit workbooks?

I bought the workbooks online but did no realies that unlike Kaplan the answers for the activities were not in the books.



  • Ponder
    Ponder Registered Posts: 97 ? ? ?
    Worth a look, hope helps..

    There's thishttp://www.osbornebooks.co.uk/resources on the Osbourne Website.
    Theres a lot of resources by the look of it but also these Tutor packs as well.
    Possibly a charge for the packs, as looks like theres order form for them.

    Hope thats what you are looking for or its of any use to you.

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