Unit 10 - Student Record Sheet

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Am just about ready to send off my project but have a few little niggly bits to complete before I can do so (boo! Just when I thought I was finished!).

Am attempting to complete the Student Record Sheet and am wondering what to write for Element 10.1. I did read another student's project and now realise that the sections for Training/Appraisals/Contingency Plans perhaps relates to Element 10.1 and is not specific to that report.

Do I need to somehow mention points listed in Element 10.1 of the Student Record in my report? I am confused as the AAT site says:
In a nutshell, that's exactly what your Unit 10 Project Report should do. Analyse a system, highlight the weaknesses and recommend solutions. It's that straightforward.

^Which is what I have done.

But I am now confused as to whether my report is kinda wrong. Though I contacted a tutor at the company I study with, I never got a plan - or student record -to complete. I did send off my report to get marked but they wouldn't mark it without a plan or student record (and I waited for like 3 weeks to hear this!). I am just confused as to how I can know what stage my project is at/what else I need to do unless they mark it for me basically.

Based on what the AAT say above, I can't see how Element 10.1 relates to my assessment of an accounting system in my work.


I just want to get this project sent off already so I know where I stand.

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