Do I start ECR (dilemma)

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I felt I didnt do well in Dec FRA - should I commence ECR anyway or wait til mid Feb results to see if need resit - dont want to waste too much time either way ? Final thought, if I did really bad in FRA should I really admit defeat as I would need to question whether I would be suited to a self employed accountants career anyway. (Studying by distance learning as a fallback in case made redundant).


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    From my personal experiance you have to ask yourself one question "how much do you want the qualification". I have failed intermediate twice due to not studying hard enough and not wanting to put in the hard work ( too busy socialising at 18 & 19 years old who wouldn`t.) I went back and doing it for the third time and i put as much effort as i could and it started to pay off as i pasted FRA and awaiting results from ECR. Also if you dont pass FRA you can not go on to technican. If you pass FRA and fail ECR they let you go on to technican. So i would go on to do ECR and you might surprise yourself and pass FRA.Whats the point in wasting time. Hope This helps :thumbup1:
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    My advice would be to start ECR.

    It's a far easier paper than FRA in my opinion because similar questions tend to be asked consistently year in year out.

    If you practice all ecr papers until you know them well you won't go far wrong.

    I would not worry too much about the FRA paper. It can be a right bugger at times, particularly the extended trial balance and requires practice, pratice, practice.

    I completed the DFS paper at technician level and that is a step up again from the FRA paper, so practice the FRA fundamentals until your sure you have mastered it.

    We all question ourselves about the difficulties of the course. Just stay focused and keep up the practice and I'm sure you will get there.

    My personal fear is of succeeding in the workplace. I had a nightmare in one purchase ledger job, even though I've never failed an exam.
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