Plumbers profits

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Does anyone know how much (approx) a self employed plumber makes a year ? -( My son is interested in training ).


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    As any self employed work - it depends on where you work, and how much work you manage to get! I've just had a new boiler fitted and the plumber was complaining about his 10k tax bill, so I guess he's done quite well this year :laugh:

    Your son will also need a practical aptitude to plumbing, as my father used to say - its not just a matter of putting the pipes in, the system has to work. If he enrolls at a college they do an assesment before you're allowed on the course but most of them start in September. There's also the 3/4 year apprentership to get through, with the associated low pay (apprentices don't have to be paid minmum wage). So his first consideration should be if he's going to be able to do the job, before how much he's going to make.

    Our dear old government is now beginning to realise that not everyone needs (or wants) a degree and more practical skills are needed to fill in the gaps. The problem is trying to get a firm to take on an apprentice, especially now the building trade is in the doldrums.

    Sorry if this sounds all doom and gloom, it's only my humble opinion. Asking how much someone can earn is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string!
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    At lot depends upon where in the country you live, try contacting some plumbers out of your local newspaper / directory ask what they charge an hour / per job, just to get some basic idea.

    Starting off, your son would need to put in the hours once qualified to build up a customer base and get his name around - for a trade this is the most important thing to do, word of mouth referrals are gold dust.

    Once your son is suitably qualified, it would be worth looking at your local council to see if they do `new business start up` sessions, or even Business Link can help put you in touch with organisations who help people become self employed. I went to my local one to get advice, tips and got a small grant to help me set up my own bookkeeping service.

    Just do a bit of research before making the decision.
    Hope this helps !
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    Plumber's earnings

    As with any profession, experienced plumbers with the right qualifications and a good reputation can earn a good living. This takes aptitude, commitment and experience. In time your son could earn a very comfortable living, but as we all know, it takes time to climb the career ladder or to build a successful business. If he wants to do gas work, he will also need to study for CORGI qualifications so he should check this is part of any college course he is considering.
    I would question the wisdom setting of as self employed fresh from college. Would it not be better to gain some experience and additional training with an established plumbing firm?
    My two youngest children are currently considering career / further education options. In my opinion its really important they have enthusiasm for their chosen career path - I always think the most successful people are those who love what they do, and success doesn't just mean a big paycheck.
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    Not as much as the media tries to suggest! Hard work is needed in any job, as well as a good personality for this type of job. (First hand knowledge of this one!!)
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