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Happy new year to you all

I'm about to do the Working With Computers unit for Foundation level of AAT. When I signed up, the fella from Kaplan said that having a current ECDL means you don't need to do the WWC unit. I'm having some trouble getting a definite answer from Kaplan whether this is the case or not and I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard this, or if they know for certain either way.



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    Part of WWC involves using a computerised accounts package, such as Sage. Does ECDL involve computerised accounts? You might be able to use the ECDL for the word processing and spreadsheet parts of the unit, though. At my college, we did separate assignments for those parts of the unit, and only used the skills test for the computerised accounts part.
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    Looks like you may be right, ECDL doesn't cover Sage or anything similar so that needs to be covered either way. I don't use Sage at work so it's been handy to see what it's like!

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    Hi there,

    I have a GNVQ advanced in I.T. and I did get some exemptions from this unit.

    I had to supply BPP with a list of all the topics/criteria my GNVQ covered and then they compared this to the unit criteria and crossed off the ones I had already completed through GNVQ and gave me questions to cover the rest.

    I don't know if ECDL will give you the same though....
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    I set up my last 3 companies Sage packages and did all the IT support including Sage MMS, Construct Advanced and Payroll, installed and set up the desktops, server, VPNs and all the Microsoft Packages, had witness statements stating all this and still did not get allowed exemptions by Kaplan!!!
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