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I work in an accounts dept with 1 other person who is my line manager and due to personal issues (not mine I hasten to add) last year we started getting an AAT qualified in from our accountants to do our month end.

Shes at Uni lovely girl, absolutely no problem with her on a personal level, she comes in does her stuff and goes in half a day max. Professionally I do have a problem with her, as long as shes here doing the latter half of the month end no ones ever going to show me how to do it, so I'm just going to stay doing what I do. I don't mind what I do but I want a job with a bit of progression, something that was discussed and agreed at my interview and now due to no fault of my own thats not what I've got.

How do I approach this matter, shut my mouth and just get on with it or should I say something?


  • NeilH
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    On this issue I think you need to step up and say something. If you don’t say something your employers may think that you’re perfectly happy doing what you do and not consider developing you other than perhaps further development of your exisiting tasks, as opposed to giving you new challenges. They may see you as a professional and as such expect you to take a proactive role in showing that you can develop your career and your role within the company.

    By saying something to your employers you will show them that you are capable of and willing to doing more – something any good employer will look favourably on. As a start before approaching your employers, you might want to look in to what the part-time girl does at month end to get a basic understanding of what it involves so that you can then show that you can and want to do it as well as discussing new an improved ways of doing things.

    Hope this helps

  • JJ43
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    Hi Sarah,

    I assume that as you are a member of the AAT Forum, that you are studying towards becoming qualified ? If so, is your employer aware of this, are they funding it for you ? Sorry to ask so many questions but if your employer is aware of your studying AAT, then certainly speak to them about gaining more practical knowledge / experience and push the fact that you are willing to acquire new skills such as month end procedures.

    It must be costing them having someone else come in ! Push the cost effectiveness of having you carry out the task once you have gained the knowledge.
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    kick offf something rotton..........
  • Buff
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    Personally, I wouldn't be pleased someone was drafted in to complete the second half of the month end close off given t he fact I am studying to do exactly that, I would be straight to the line manager saying "I want to be involved to further my skills / career".
    Don't bicker whatever you do, or alienate yourself from other duties beyond what you are dong now as that will look like petulance and obviously wouldn't get you very far.

    Your future is in your own hands, and if you don't do anything about it soon, then you'll regret it further down the line. What's going to happen when this girl finishes Uni, if you are no further on with your career development then she will become full time and will take over the whole of the month end close.

    ACT NOW!
  • sarahwilson
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    You are all saying what I thought to be honest, I just wasn't sure whether I was being reasonable. I'm going to have a good think how to raise the subject next week, I think the thing thats putting me off is how to broach the subject of the reason she was initially brought in, it needs mentioning I think but its a touch tricky.
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