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I am starting my unit 10 project and was having trouble finding a topic as we are currently switching to a new system at work and I don't know enough about this system to write about (bad timing I know!) so I decided to base my project on implementing a proper credit control procedure. I was just wondering if anyone had done a similar project and could give me a few tips / ideas to help get me started?




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    I did not deal with credit control in my project, but I would suggest that you start by thinking about the current system and do a SWOT analysis of it, then look at what the ideal credit control system would be for your company and come up with ways of implementing it. You should also have a think about what IT systems you might need and whether your staff would need more training.

    How this gives you a few ideas. Shout out on the forums or PM me if you need anymore help.

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    Thanks for the advice.... much appreciated!
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