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Hi all...wonder if anyone can help...I have a client who earned less than £30K on self employment and I opted to complete the short tax return online but he has a December year end and therefore overlap. The problem is there isnt a c/f overlap box on the short return.


  • Poodle
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    Just a guess but you probably have to add them as additional infomation in the white box as you do with losses on the short return.

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    Yeah, I've checked this with HMRC and so long as you're just carrying the overlap relief forward you can make a note in the additional info box. If you're using the relief in that year you need to complete the full pages.
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    Thanks guys....I eventually heard back from the helpdesk and they said I would need to use the full pages. I knew I could rely on a quicker response from this forum than HMRC but its taken me a while to come back to say thank you so.......thank you!
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