Benfit in Kind

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This is my first post :001_smile:

I have a question and I was wondering what other people
thoughts are? I am still learning and when I passed the AAT only covered some of this area.

I work for a company as a bookkeeper and they pay every
year a subscription for the employers to shop at a cash and
carry place for personal use. ( I know should be business) Thinking about it should they be taxed. It is a small amount just over £100.00 and would anyone be intested in this as the Accountant doesn;t pick this up when he comes in once a year.

Thanks for your help and comments :thumbup:

Kind Regards Januarygirl


  • januarygirl
    januarygirl Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    Sorry should say employees
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    Would depend on how much it works out per employee.

    I have been with several companies who ahve done this and it has never been taxed as benefit in kind yet.
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