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dorothy cramp
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I have been MAAT since 2005 and work for Royal Finance Service in accounts receivable as control and reconciliation of 10 bank accounts and cash books. I have been informed by Royal Mail that any one with their AAt qualification will not be sponsered to CIMA or any other professional qualification there after unless we pay for it ourselves and use up our own time and annual leave. However to be fair to the company recognission was given to us in an increase of wages from 19k pa to 21k pa.
However Royal Mail has now got a recruitment drive on for graduates to train to CIMA level over 4 years with placements and development throughout the business as a whole. I feel that myself and other collegues should have also been given the chance to develop in the same way after all the business has already made a vast financial commitment in our AAT and we are already employed full time by them working in the environment they are recruiting for.
Am I being unfair to my company or is my winge justified. I would appreciate other views on this:crying:


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    Whinge justified - why bring in folk to train to CIMA level when there are other people there wanting to do the same thing (unless they think they can pay them peanuts while they are studying)
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