Returning after a 3 year break!!!

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Hello to all and a Happy New Year.

I have taken out my study books again after a 3 year break!! Stupid i know but hey. I do home study and am currently on Intermediate, I passed both exams 3 years ago, but must still complete the simulations for unit 6 and 7.
How do i get back into the swing of things? I need some motivation, can anyone help? :001_rolleyes:


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    Hello there and a happy new year to you too!!

    M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N!!! its only a few letters but stands for alot!!

    Its like jumping over the hurdle in a race.It can be daunting but once your over it you can run on!!

    But Seriously, id say remember what first brought you to want to study this subject. Then also remember the mixture of parts that you enjoyed, that makes up the subject:For example: the great satisfaction of doing calculations, balancing books, remembering things,etcetc and just the learning of it.

    Good Luck with it.
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    Hi Jane, I returned to my Intermediate studies last year after a break of 2 years. I thought I'd never get around to completing the simulations and portfolio and didn't really understand how to - I had only passed the exams for units 5 & 6.

    But last week I received my Intermediate pass certificate and it felt FANTASTIC!

    I'm studying for my Technician level now and have completed half of the units (failed DFS twice mind you - fingers crossed for next month's results).

    I'll get there though, and so will you if you really want it. Good luck.:thumbup:
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