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andy24andy24 Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1
Hi guys, wonder if you can help me. I finished uni last year and a few of my modules were accouting orientated, mostly theories and basics. Anyway ive since decided this is something i enjoyed and want to get into. However, as ever i looked into this too late. I rung the local college which is wrexham and its too far in now for me to be in this years classes. The tutor reckoned I could skip foundation. What is this home learning NVQ? Is it the same as if your in college and the only dif is you dont have a teacher? I think I could do this. Or I could at least get the text books and syllabus for foundation to do in my own time and sign on intermediate september? I dont work in a practise but am looking to get into one. Its harder when your not already studying tho. What do you guys with any experience think would be the best path?


  • PAMDILLPAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 718
    I am studying distance learning - seems a lot of people on forum are - would recommend though that you go certificate, diploma route.

    I am NVQ route - only because I first started before they brought in diploma route - with NVq route you have to faff about making up a portfolio.

    If you can stay motivated it is the way to go as you can work and study in your own time.
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