Which exams shall I take in June? (Diploma pathway)

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me to decide which exam to take in June and which in December? I have done my advance certificate in six months and took both ECR and FRA exams in December. I found both exams quite straightforward and had no problems with taking both of them in one go.

Now I am planning to enrol for Diploma stage from the beginning of February (when I get paid in January). I have about 4months to exams in June. I would like to take two exams in June and two in December and I am taking both tax exams.

Can anyone tell me which exams seem to be a bit easier and which need more time to prepare for the exams. It is possible to sit two diploma stage exams in June if I have only 4 months to go?

Thank you..


  • jilbo
    jilbo Registered Posts: 197 ? ? ?
    If it's any help to you I started studying BTC and PTC at the end of February last year and sat the exams in June and passed both no problem. But then I really enyoyed the tax options and preferred them to DFS and MAC. Good luck!
  • *Sarah*
    *Sarah* Registered Posts: 172 ? ? ?
    I would say DFS is a good one to start with. I sat this in the first sitting along side Business tax
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    I am doing NVQ route and am doing PCR and PEV in June which I believ is the same as MAC.

    I think DFS will be a bit scary so how about MAC and one of the tax ones?
  • *Sarah*
    *Sarah* Registered Posts: 172 ? ? ?
    I wouldn't recommend DFS along side MAC. As the above posted mentioned MAC is the diploma route equivilent of PEV and PCR together so it would be like sitting PEV, PCR and DFS all at once
  • Londina
    Londina MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 814
    I just started and I planning to sit Unit 11 Dfs, Unit 33 Ma and Unit 18 Btc in June, too brave??
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