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I'm helping a friend do their books for a sunbed business, this business was bought mainly in good faith, with clients having pre-paid minutes already to honour when they started trading. No records supplied at time and previous accounts dodgy to say least, but as this friend comitted and bought business nothing I could do on that side.

They keep records in so far as daily list stating pre-paid minutes taken and keep record cards for clients. am I best just keeping records of total value of minutes pre-paid and then keep daily record of value of minutes taken on these pre-paid schemes. I know this will not actually show them the what the pre-paid has cost them in value terms and I cant split it down without a awful lot of work.
As its stands most of the pre-paid values are what they now have as sales. Too big and messy job to do as normal pre-paid and deduct off, which is why I thought of doing it like this. IF anyone has any experience with this type business any advice would be welcomed. This is a typical start up business with records all over the place. Im helping just to put some sort order to reduce the final accountants costs for them
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