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just completed my NVQ level 2 (which i think i have passed) going on to do intermediate.Does anyone know roughly what the salary is in practice in South Yorkshire for being:

Foundation Qualified
Intermediate qualified
Technician qualified
ACA qualified



  • Richard
    Richard Registered Posts: 373
    Hi Chris,

    Try the 'Employers' section of the AAT website, they usually link to salary surveys which should give you some indication of what to expect.
  • timhamer
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    I would say roughly:

    Foundation Qualified 10-15
    Intermediate qualified 11-17
    Technician qualified 12-20
    ACA qualified 18-30

    However it will depend absolutely on how good you are as it is a very competitive market. Big 4 will pay the most and have the toughest interviews; small firms will pay least but demand less.

    Different departments will also pay differently, like audit, company tax will pay higher than BSD/personal tax.
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