Unit 7

Hi all,
I've done the two simulations on Unit 7 in my AAT text books and the one I can find on here. Are there some anywhere else does anyone know please? As I'd like some more practice before my skills test at the beginning on Feb.
Thanks :thumbup:


  • Esme
    Esme Registered Posts: 711
    If you pm me your email address I have got one I can forward you.
  • jow774
    jow774 Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?

    If your with Kaplan they usually send you one to do as a mock for them to mark. If you havent got it give them a ring and im sure they will send it out.

  • dobbieobby
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    I think I've got one of them at home actually Jo, how long do they take to mark it do you know? Only the exam is on the 2nd Feb!!
  • jow774
    jow774 Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Im not sure, they take a couple of weeks with an official one though so if they send it to the assessor it will take a while. You could try phoning them and asking, they may be able to send you the answers or something as it is only a mock.
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