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Only recently discovered the BBC iPlayer when I found out I missed the first episode of Hustle earlier this week. Pretty good - never thought the BBC would actually have something decent for a change - so tried the others out too while I was at it.

Channel Four downloaded but refused to do anything. Not too bothered about that as there's nothing on Channel Four worth watching anyway.

Channel Five plays like it's piping through a 56k modem rather than a 20mb broadband connection. Ran a speed test at 6.7mps so should be fast enough to stream properly. Very annoyed about this as I also missed the first episode of CSI New York and watching it in jerk-o-vision makes me want to punch myself in the face.

Anyone else tried these out yet and can maybe help with my crappy Channel Five problem?


  • CJC
    CJC Registered Posts: 1,657
    I use the BBC iPlayer quite regularly for both telly and radio. Occasionally have a few problems with slowness with the TV stuff but that's an ISP issue rather than a BBC one.

    I've not tried the others yet, but I figure that the BBC has been doing this for some time now and have probably sorted out a lot of the major issues. The rest are playing catch-up and may take some time to get things right.
  • Buff
    Buff Registered Posts: 275
    I have been using the iPlayer for a while now - I always find something on there worth at least a second watch - Mock the Week usually cheers me up before a nice long sleep.

    ITV player is decent too - not tried out the other channels.
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