Audit Question

LumaLuma Just JoinedPosts: 6Registered
Can anyone help? I am now an MAAT, and was recently approached by a local sailing club to do their audit.
Their income is under £5000 a year.

I'm confused by what I have read, am I allowed to do this, or will it need to be signed off by a fully qualified accountant? Or is that just for company accounts?

Any advice greatly received.



  • timhamertimhamer New Member Posts: 7Registered
    Then why do they need an audit?

    In any event you could not sign off an audit as an AAT; must be (I think) ACCA or ACA.
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,624Registered
    I think what they are asking for is an independent review which anyone can do. I do one for a friend of mine and I checked with the AAT and I am allowed to do it although they very strongly recommended having PI insurance in case of any problems.

    I am MAAT but not a member in practice
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