help please

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hi all
i'm very new to this forum thingy so apologies if i do something wrong here....

i need help, please
i have 1 more exam to pass - PEV and i've been trying to pass it 4 times now without any luck
is there anyone out there in cambridgeshire/norfolk area that would be able to help me with my revision, suggest good books etc:001_unsure:
i'm desperate here, this is the very last exam i need to pass and i can then apply for the membership but i cannot get there
can anyone help, please?
thanks a lot



  • SandyHood
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    I guess you've studied the standard texts as part of your 4 unsuccessful attempts.
    How about looking at Colin Drury's books. Pop into a decent local library and there should be some around the 658 section of the shelves.
    Then work through question after question on variance analysis (it is about technique so don't wory what exam they are from)
    Then do the same with ratio question that lead into some what if? analysis.

    For the more recent subject areas Atkinson et al Mananagent Accounting (US book) looks at Life Cycle Costing and Target Costing.

    I run a number of revision sessions on PEV, but I haven't run any in cambridgeshire/norfolk area, so you'd have to be prepared to travel (unless there were 8-10 people in your area with a similar request).

    You're welcome to look out for them when they are advertised.
    [email protected]
  • magster
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    help please

    hi sandy
    thank you very much for your reply
    i will look for the books you listed
    i cannot travel this far but i will keep looking for someone local
    thanks a lot
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