Sage and Credit Control

Does anyone use Sage's credit control facilities, such as they appear to be?

I am trying to tighten up our credit control so that sales and my colleague can see where we are up to and whats gone on on troublesome clients.

I have had a look and there is a credit control facility that lets you put follow up dates, etc in which is good but it stands alone, seperate from the customer accounts which is where we currently make notes in the credit memo window so everyone can see them.

Is there any way to get the two to relate to each without cutting and pasting?


  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854
    I suppose you could design your own report pulling in information form both areas of Sage.
  • sarahwilson
    sarahwilson Registered Posts: 567
    Yes I was looking this morning and that does seem to be the way to go - Thanks Speegs:thumbup:
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