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Can anyone advise me how to go about looking at working in Australia once I've passed my technician stage?

I'm not going to be able to claim full membership because I don't have enough work experience yet, but will have completed all the exams and skills test and project work.

Has anyone experienced working abroad?

Any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated.



  • brett316
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    I am looking to do this too but from what I have gathered its pretty hard just being AAT qualified ..... as its not really properly recognised I think they say you would need to to the aussie accountancy qualification too at a university before, so really your going to need A LOT of money.

    On reading up a bit more it seems ACA is really the only fully recognised qualification in aussie and the rest (cima, cipfa etc) are only part recongised so you would still need to do something to get an aussie qualification.

    But I would be interested to hear too from anyone who has done it already.
  • Jan
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    Don't wish to burst your bubble but -

    I know someones daughter who tried to do just this last year. She was AAT qualified and had at least a couple of years experience in an accounting practice. Went out late last summer with her boyfriend with the intention of staying a year. They were back before Xmas as they couldn't find accounting work and ran out of money. :crying:

    It ended up as a long holiday - not a waste of time, but not what they intended.
  • Moseley_21
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    Hi Mark
    My dad lives in Brisbane and i am going to try my hand over there for a year in July. I have applied for a working holiday Visa which costs around £100 which gives you the oppourtunity to work, however you can only stay in any one role for 6 months unless you obtain a more permanent visa. I have tried to get as many contacts as i can in agencies etc to try and get a job out there as soon as possible. I am also going carry on with CIMA as they offer courses over the internet and exams can also be taken in brisbane. I reckon i have probably missed something but i have saved up, have a visa and somewhere to stay so i don't think i can go too far wrong? As well as cheap flights in emirates january sale enabling me to come back anytime within the year. Also it looks really good on your CV upon return, hopefully when we are out of the other side of this recession. If you need any more help just send me a message and i could forward you my hotmail address.
    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    I was just getting told yesterday that there is now an extremely long waiting list for a work visa for Austrails.

    This was from an electrician who has just been made redundant and had been thinking of emigrating.
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