To go self employed or not?

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For some time I've been thinking about taking the leap into self employment part time. As a FMAAT and also CIMA qualified, I've got 15 years industry experience and I've taken care of a couple of friends sole trader accounts and SA as a favour. I'd like to focus on limited companies really as that's where my experience lies but I would like to build on my limited knowledge/experience in sole traders too. I want to take things slowly and see how things go.

I know I need to register as a MiP but the trouble is with both AAT and CIMA which seems quite a bit of admin to maintain. Having said that I don't want to drop the AAT membership as I believe it does have value.

Has anyone else belonging to two professional bodies managed to do this and if so was it a hassle?

Would be grateful for any thoughts/advice.



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    I went solo year last after getting fed up of the 9 - 5 routine, I only offer a bookkeeping service at the moment, but business is good despite the credit crunch.

    I think it is worth dipping your toes into the world of self employment. If you don`t, you will always be thinking about `what if`, so in that case, testing the water will cure your curiosity.

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    I am trying to go solo but finding it very hard to get started because my marketing is not up to scratch. To be honest I don't know where to start without throwing loads of money at it. any ides would be appreciated
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    The classic `marketing` dilemma ! Its hard to find a method that works, I can only suggest things that have worked for me so far....

    I sent a letter of intro to all local accountants, checked out the local newspapers for new businesses starting up / trade adverts and either phoned up or posted a sales flyer with covering letter. Put sales flyer in shop windows, particuarly those around trading estates, and finally the famous `word of mouth` , family and friends routine.

    You really need to put in a lot of effort and I must of sent out a good few hundred letters / flyers etc.,.

    Getting your first client will give you such an incredible high, just make sure you photocopy and frame your first cheque !!

    Good Luck.
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