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Unit 10 Project

VinojanVinojan Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 1
Hi all
Does anyone have an example of a unit 10 project, or theres they could send me. I just would like to see the lay out and type of things written. Would be a great help.
If you can email it to [email protected]



  • speegsspeegs Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 854
    Unfortunately we are not allowed to send our projects out to each other, but if you take a look at the BPP unit 10 book they have an excellent example of a project (might even be two examples in there, I can't remember). The book also tells you exactly what to put in your project and how to do it.

    Best of luck with it all.

  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesRegistered Posts: 465
    I agree with you speegs - the BPP book is very good.
  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 4,234
    cant you send sample projects then ?
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    AAT have asked that you don't send your own projects out.

    I wonder how many people will submit yours as their own work as yours is based on the simulation? The tutors wouldn't even know.
  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 4,234
    ahhh i see. but the one i have isnt about the simulation .its someone elses.....about there company but the names and that have been missed out !!

    so shouldnt be too bad....its not mine anyway !
  • richjonesrichjones Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    Mark, sorry to bother you. Hope you wouldnt mind emailing me the sample also please?

    It will be a great help!

  • welshwizardwelshwizard Trusted Regular South WalesRegistered Posts: 465
    Just a thought... this report you have Mark, did it satisfy criteria for all elements of the Unit? Are you sure that it's really ethical to be using this report? There is ample support on these forums and the BPP book should be sufficient to give you good guidance on the preparation of the report. It's not as bad as everyone makes out - the problem is, everyone has been number crunching for 3 years and now they've been tasked to write a long report (though not as long as some I've produced in the past).

    You need to examine the organisation first, draw up an organisation chart, look at the jobs people do and whether they are qulaified/experienced to do other things, look at the systems of work used, look at existing plans for absence and computer system failure, look at computer systems, look at fraud risks, recommend ways to address any problems raised - use cost benefit analysis - e.g. if a new computer system costs £20,000 and training costs £2,000, what would the beneifts be to the organisation? Would repetition of tasks be eliminated? Would risk of error be reduced?

    Just a few ideas but certainly don't use other people's reports.
  • mark130273mark130273 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 4,234
    well welshwizzard , i havent actually read this report that i got off this forum as when i asked for ti . i got a helpful package off my tutor which is all i needed. so i dont know how helpful or hindernce that this could be to people .....
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