Feeling the pinch!!

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I am currently working for a firm of accountants as a junior and also studying for my AAT Technician level, which the company pays for.

However, during these times of "credit crunch" the clent base has slowly been decreasing due to the fact that professional fees are the last thing people want to pay if they are having financial problems. So, we are finding ourselves with less work and there has been talk of people having to leave if this trend carries on into the coming months.

As a junior, would I be the first to go and I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same situation? :001_unsure:


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    Work is slow where I am, but as I work in management accounts this is a seasonal variation for us. I would suggest you get your qualification finished ASAP, then get your MIP certificate and license and get some private clients under your belt to keep you going should the worst happen.

    Best of luck.

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    I cant speak for practise as I work in industry but modern employment law dictates that it is roles that are made redundent, not people. The old last in first out procedure is now illegal and once your employer has decided which role's they are making redundant/reducing they should carry out a review of each of the relevent employees skills/merits and select who stays and who go's accordingly (even if it means losing a 20 yr lifer over a 3 yr graduate for example). These would also have to carry out this procedure if they offered voluntary redundency and got more volunteers than positions to lose.

    Im glad im doing accountancy and not HR!!!!

    Good luck with it all.

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