Invoices previous period, how to account them?

Londina Registered Posts: 814 Epic contributor 🐘
Hi everybody

I have this scenario with one of the clients I manage:

Y/e December 2008, VAT Return for last quarter and official financial statement done.

Now I received 2 invoices dated december which I cant post, but need to add them into the VAT of this month.

the VAT amounts for these are:

Sales £4000
Purchase £190

Difference £3810.

I tried this journal:

CR Sales
DR Purchase
DR Difference VAT liability, but this doesn't work!

Which journal shoud I do to include these figure in the next VAT?

By the way, what should you do when you receive an invoice of the previous year not being accounted?

many thanks


  • A-Vic
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    You could add them just make an adjustment at the end of the year
  • Londina
    Londina Registered Posts: 814 Epic contributor 🐘
    add them how? by doing that journal? the difference where should I post it?

    I use SAGE by the way and the Manual Adjustment in the VAT screen is a bit dodgy...not always does the journal I want!
  • claudialowe
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    It probably didn't work because the default on Sage journals is T9 instead of T1. Try doing it again as T1, and the figures should filter through to the VAT return.

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