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Im new to this so i hope im doing things right lol.
How is everyone finding this level? I think it is really hard.
I done my level 2, 2year ago and think this one is so confusing after my gap.
Extended trial balance :crying: no idea!!


  • reddwarf
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    All will become clear - just keep at it!!
  • mikes
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    Best of luck with your studies. :thumbup1:

    One way to get used to them, is to do each adjustment one at a time and then do the profit & loss and the Balance sheet for each one, until you get used to where everything goes, then you will become familiar with them.
  • jewels.p
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    Hi Claire,

    Thank goodness. Someone is as confused as me. I have just attempted my assignment on Adjustments to the ETB and after a VERY long time I managed to hopefully get it right (after constantly looking back at my Text Books) only to discover that the ETB given to me is different from the one I reprinted to copy my answers on to before sending my assignment back to my tutor to be marked. So got confused all over again!:confused1:

    I have only been doing the Advanced Certificate since the beginning of January and already feel like my head is going to explode!

    But hey don't worry everyone keeps telling me it gets easier and it all clicks eventually............let's just hope they're right eh!:laugh:
  • lessci
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    DON'T PANIC, I found ETB really difficult last year, my 1st one to balance first time was in my exam, once they click though it's straightforward. Good luck.

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