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John CenaJohn Cena New MemberRegistered Posts: 8

I need help friends.

I am planning to move to MANCHESTER which is good, but there are no colleges in MANCHESTER which provide AAT DIPLOMA WAY with DIPLOMA LEVEL as FULL TIME or FAST TRACK.

If somebody knows about any institute or college who provides the above please reply.

I have already enquired in Kaplan, Bpp and MOL but no luck they run part time only.

Thank you.


  • Jon_1984Jon_1984 Well-Known Registered Posts: 186
  • John CenaJohn Cena New Member Registered Posts: 8
    Thank you,
    but i already search and rang them all,
    no luck yet!!!
  • crashgordoncrashgordon Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Oldham college does Level 4 over a year of study on Monday and Tuesday evenings. You can also do days too. They do it as 2 exams at christmas and two in the summer. They are still taking students for this summers exams and the project.
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