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I hope you can help on this,

if i was a higher rate tax payer and paid into a registered company pension,
and i had not claimed relief on this, do i put this in my tax return
where it says

Payments to your employers scheme, which were not deducted
from your pay before tax ?



  • deanshepherd
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    It depends.

    If you are in an occupational scheme then your employer should have given you the full tax relief at source via the payroll already, in which case you make no entry on the Tax Return.

    If you made 'in-house' additional voluntary contributions (i.e. to the same pension provider) then, again, the tax relief should already have been received at source and no entry is required.

    If you made free standing additional voluntary contributions or contributions into a stakeholder pension in addition to your occupational pension then you will need to find out whether you have had only basic rate tax relief on the contribution at source before deciding which box to enter it into.

    I would speak to both the pension company and your employer to check with them.
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