Self Employment alongside employment?

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I am awaiting my results for my intermediate exam which I sat in December and will be begining technician level within the next two weeks. I have worked in practice since I began the course and because i found it so hard to find a work place due to a lack of experience I took whatever salary was given to me. Now almost 18 Months and a few exams later I am not seeing much change in my salary and am really struggling with a car paying board and wanting to enjoy myself. I'v thought about doing some book-keeping in my own time self employed and wondered if anybody has done this or thought about it! I have alot of experience with book-keeping and would offer my services for VAT Returns and to trial balance levels at a rate I have researched as competitive for the area which I live in.I know I could get advise from my employers on this but I don't want to bring it up with them untill i decide I am going to be legally safe etc. Any advice would be much appreciated!:thumbup:


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    The most important thing is to only do work that you're confident/qualified in doing.

    You can register as an AAT Member in Practice (but this might be only when you're qualified?) there's lots of info here. You get money laundering supervision etc.

    I'm thinking of registering myself, but want to make sure I get some clients first!

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Thanks Gem,
    That's the sort of link I was hoping to see. Like yourself once i know enough about the start up I am hoping to get a couple of clients ready before i commit myself. I feel capable as I do it day in day out at my place of work so it's just whether I can be governed by AAT at my stage of learning and that I know what I need to be done before I can begin!
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    I have just started my Intermediate Level and am curious as to what fees are for becoming self-employed in my area up to Trial Balance and completion of VAT Returns.

    Can you please tell me how you found out what was acceptable charges in your area so I can do the same for my area.

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    I'v done a bit of self investigation going through the yellow pages and asking for their standard rates, some are willing to let you know others want to meet to see what your about before they offer any clues to what they charge or even do! Good luck anyway!
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