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A client of mine had a relocation expense of £9375 on 30.03.2007 (2006/07), but his employer, after a long period of time, they have reimbursed him just £1600 on 07.01.2009.

My question is- in which year I can include these £9375 and £1600?
in 2006/07 or 2008/09?


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    If an employer's paid under £8000 to an employee in respect of qualifying relocation expenses then there is nothing to be reported or declared. Any amounts paid in excess of £8000 and any amounts paid in respect of non-qualifying expenditure will be declared on the employee's P11D, I presume in the year that the payment was made.
    I don't think there's any relief for un-reimbursed relocation expenses, but I stand to be corrected!
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