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Have just had a call from a guy needing a VAT return doing urgently, needs to be end of this week - no pressure!!

He's on his way round as I am typing this. Have clients who I do bookkeeping and VAT for but never just VAT. I know it depends how mant transactions but I just wondered if there was anyone online who could give me an indication of what to charge.

Any guidance at all would be much appreciated.


  • burg
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    Depends on the transactions etc but something like £50-£100 maybe the higher end with the time pressure.

    Bare in mind they obviously cant get anyone else as they are just coming round!

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    VAT Return

    Premium rates!! Based on 1.5 - 2 x your normal hourly rate? And an estimate of the likely cost paid in advance.
    I would want to see the quality of the information first. Does it look as if he knows what he is doing? has he only recorded recoverable VAT? is there anything less straightforward like EU VAT?
    Maybe when you have seen the paperwork you will be able to estimate how long that would take.
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    Minimum price in Sheffield/Rotherham area is £50 per return, dependant on work required. If a corner shop etc with big carrier bag of receipts/invoices then I would suggest £75-100.
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    Many thanks for your replies. Can you beleive the AAT site wnet down as I was trying to read your replies!!

    This guy was very grateful and is happy for me to give him a price once it's done. Appears very genuine and niave. will let you know if I've been duped :ohmy:
  • jilbo
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    Hi guys just thought I'd update you.

    Completed the figures for his VAT return last night (turned out he used the cash accounting scheme but didn't know it :confused1:) and sent them to him. He was well pleased with the detail as his previous lady just listed how much was paid to each supplier but didn't detail which invoices so if he ever had a VAT inspection he'd be buggered!, So pleased in fact I've got the job as she also seems to have disapeared and left him in the lurch!

    Might only be a quarterley VAT return but it's yet another client :001_smile:

    Thanks again for your advice.
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