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I currently use the full PTP package (i.e. accounts and tax)

I am perfectly happy with the accounts part but am looking at changing the tax software.

With the ptp set-up you can import the accounts at the touch of a button.:thumbup1:

Is this possible if I use a different tax product (i.e can other tax software import from PTP accounts):confused1:

I am quite interested in tax calc

Any reccomendations considered though



  • deanshepherd
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    I think it really depends on what the export options are from PTP accounts. TaxCalc has two methods of import: clipboard or SNF file. I know that PTP tax used to use SNF files to import from other products, say VT for example, so it may use the same method of transfer from it's own accounts package.

    I am an ex-PTP software user and a current TaxCalc user and, if your reasons for the switch is purely on price, then you could also consider switching from PTP accounts to VT.

    If price is not the issue then be aware that TaxCalc is a little more 'clunky' than PTP and does not do as much work for you. Main difference is that TaxCalc will not do the capital allowances comp for you, this has to be done manually.

    Other than that, I am pretty satisfied with TaxCalc and can certainly recommend it. You can also import all your existing PTP Tax Return data into TaxCalc so no worries about rekeying all that data in.
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