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Hi Everyone,

I'm sure everyone is as excited as me for the results in 2 weeks time! I'm kind of confident, but am certainly not counting my chickens yet (I'm only waiting for DFS, and this is my 2nd go at it!)...

Anyway, I've been wondering what to do next, and while I'd really like to go on and do ACCA, I'm not actually sure that working in practice is right for me - I'm currently a Purchase and Sales Ledger Clerk, along with Petty Cash, Bank Recs ect. And as much as I really enjoy my job, I'm not sure that I want to be a sit behind a desk everyday accountant!

I have always wanted to be a teacher, and to Teach AAT / A level Accounts would just be my perfect job; does anyone know what other qualifications I would need to do? and would I still be able to do some freelance accountancy work during the holidays?

Many Thanks for your help -

Best Wishes, and Good Luck for the 17th.

Vickie x


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    Hi Vickie, I am a student with ACCA but am not sure whether I want to carry on with it as I recently became a MIP with AAT to offer bookkeeping and payroll services.

    A couple of months ago I emailed my CV to local colleges (I had never teached before) asking what qualifications I need to teach Accountancy. I had a reply back and went into meet the lady and was offered a bookkeeping class to teach. I have now started teaching a bookkeeping evening class and absolutely love it!!

    Basically if you have done AAT then you are qualified to teach accountancy up to a certain level. Once you are in a teaching post (or i think you may be able to do the course and they may be able to find you a placement) you need to do a 12 week introductory course called 'Introduction into teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector' (also known as 7303) You then need to go onto do a year or two year course depending on whether you want to be a Full or Associate teacher (have a look at the IFL website)

    I start my 7303 teacher training on Monday evening!

    Hope this helps and good look

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    I also meant to add, if you register with ACCA they will only allow their students to do basic bookkeeping (up to tb before any accruals or prepayments) payroll and vat returns. You can't do accounts for people if you wanted to work for yourself as it is against ACCA's rules. I beleive CIMA and ACA don't have any restrictions regarding working for yourself although you would be best to clarify with them.
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    Make sure you get to grips with different type sof learning and teaching techniques - this is very important beleive me - you won't succeed without showing you can deliver the same lesson to different people on different ways!

    I qualified AAT last year and am now half way through my first year PGCE and loving every minute of it - it's a heck of a challenge!

    Good luck
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