Share transfer ???

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Can anyone let me know what you have to do or fill out to transfer shares from secretary back to Director
At the minute I have a director with 45 shares and secretary with 55, they have mutually agreed to put them back soley into directors name.......
Someone said to get stock transfer from hmso ?????


  • farmergiles
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    It is my understanding that if the shares have no intrinsic or monetary value, then they can just be cancelled, negating the need to get a share transfer form from HMSO and paying the relevant fee. Companies House would want a copy of the meeting minutes agreeing to the proposal of the shares being cancelled and that would be it.
    Then the Director would only hold the 45 shares issued, the remainder would remain with the company, un-issued.
  • Dean
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    Form J10


  • Strantona
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    Dean wrote: »
    Form J10



    thanks dean,
    will this do for own records or do it have to be on numbered hmso staionery,
    do i send this to companies house or do i amend on next annual return due in april

    your a star cheers
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