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I have just enrolled in Level 4 and was wondering which of the 4 optional subjects to take, can anyone help?:huh:



  • Pencil
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    I think this has to be a totally personal choice. If it helps, both the tax units are exams and the Cash Management and Audit are skills tests. I would say that if you are working in practice the two tax units would be most useful.

    I work in the public sector and have no working use for tax so went for Cash Management and Auditing.
  • mark130273
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    depends on what you want to go into.......

    but for an easier life.. audit and cash management
  • Luflux
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    Bpp say to do the tax units if your going to progress onto CIMA, 17 & 18 for ACCA and 17,18 & 19 if progressing to ACA.

    If you dont know what your doing then i guess it comes down to what you prefer, exams or Simulations.
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